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SUK Ensemble

Presents the album "L'orient espèss"
(a dreamlike journey from Catalonia to Persia)

The ensemble of traditional and contemporary music SUK, made up of musicians from Iran and Catalonia, presents its 1st album with its own compositions, some with persian and catalan poetry by Omar Khayyam, Rumi, Joan Salvat Papasseit ( the catalan avant-garde poet), as well as traditional songs from both cultures merged with avant-garde and experimental music, progressive rock, flamenco touches, and electronic environments.

Who said that it is not possible to prepare an Indian tea in a typical coffee maker like the ones we have at home? Is there a rule that forbits accompanying a sausage with hummus instead of beans?

Sometimes orthodoxy can be very boring. Misunderstood purism, dominated by an excess of zeal, which leads to a repetition of parameters that exhaust themselves to always frequent identical paths. Like a mouse locked in its maze. It is then that heterodoxy becomes necessity. There are those who travel but are always right there. On the other hand, there are those who are too lazy to physically travel, but their minds are open to new paths. There are also the lucky ones who know how to travel in body and soul. The proposal we make to you serves all three."

Toni Priante Morató

Journalist & actor.

The traditional and avant-garde music ensemble SUK, made up by musicians from Iran and Catalonia, was born in 2007 with the aim of investigating new forms of relationship between these two rich musical worlds. The group remained active from 2007 to 2009, presenting its show "L'orient espèss" (A dreamlike journey from Catalonia to Persia), co-produced with the Taller de Musicis de Barcelona, ​​where classical Persian music is fused with traditional Catalan songs, revisited by the ensemble, and some own compositions, some set to music with poems by Salvat-Papasseït and Omar Jayan. During this time many studio and live recordings were made. With these recordings and some new tracks, Raül Costafreda mixes all the material during the pandemic and finalizes a definitive mix with Ferran Conangla in 2021 in Barcelona. In 2023 the ensemble is back together to present the album. For the occasion, some musical innovations are incorporated, offering a renewed face of the group, an inevitable transformation after 15 years, which shows an evolution in the sound and in the techniques used. They invite Shahab Azinmehr to perform the album on tar and persian chant instead of Ali Nuri.

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Live cast premiere 30th March 2023  C.A.T Festival Tradicionàrius Barcelona

Raül Costafreda: director, spanish & electric guitar.

Massud Naderi: tonbak

David Domínguez: cajón

Jordi Molina: tenora

Mariona Sagarra: singer, fx & rhapsode

Neila Benbey: algerian singer

Ernesto Briceño: violin

Yan Adrover: bass

Pedro J. González Bermúdez: electric drum, kaos pad i acustoc percussion

Guest artist:

Shahab Azinmehr: tar & singer


Robert Ballester: sound technician

Joan Sorribes: lighting technician

Album credits:

Raúl Costafreda: spanish and electric guitar, mandole and analogue sintesis.

Massud Naderi: tonbak

David Domínguez: cajón

Jordi Molina: tenora

Maliheh Moradi: iranian singer

Mariona Sagarra: catalan singer and rhapsode

Neila Benbey: algerian singer

Ernesto Briceño: violin

Yan Adrover: bass

Daniel Copquin: bass

Pedro J. González Bermúdez: drums, sampler 

Ali Nuri: tar

Jordi Herreros: drums


Recording credits:

Raúl Costafreda with the collaboration of Pedro Javier González Bermúdez.

Recordings made between 2007-08-09 i 2020.

Except Sant Joan/Bidad recorded between Barcelona i Teheran. 2020.

First mix at la Fundición Sonora 2007-09.

Final mix at la Fundición Sonora 2020 by Raúl Costafreda and stems mix by Ferran Conangla 2021.

Master: Ferran Conangla. 2021.

Cover illustration: Andrés Pino.

Design: Raúl Costafreda.

Booklet photos: Gemma Silvestre.

Edited by Tula Records/Barcelona 2023.


Songs composed by Raúl Costafreda except Khazan (Meshkatian), Nit a Isfahan (Ali Nuri/Masud Naderi/Rumi), Bidad (Trad) and Sant Joan (trad), and Baladi (Raúl Costafreda/Neila Benbey). Poetry by Omar Khayyan, Rumi, and Joan Salvat-Papasseit. El Testament d’Amelia is a variation on the traditional catalan song.


ARCHIVES 2007-09

Promotional card from the premiere at the MMVV'07, VIC Music fair.

Ateneu de Cerdanyola del Vallès 2007

foto de Gemma Silvestre


Suk - El Torta - Hiniesta Cortés - Rumba Amazigha
May 23, Barcelona CCCB.

Barcelona is polyhedral, made up of a multitude of environments and built on the basis of very different cultural essences. In yesterday's session at the CCCB we found many of these characteristics that make a city great. The music becomes that thick sauce that binds together the different aesthetic ingredients hidden behind the stones and asphalt of an ancient city: from the most cerebral experimentation to the most rancid flamenco singing. Everything fits and everything is enjoyed in Barcelona.

As usual, the day began and ended in the Hall of the CCCB with two proposals that share the pleasure of mixing the taste for the heterogeneous. The first one was SUK, a collective whose formula involves fusing Persian music with flamenco and electronic sounds, always from an experimental point of view. In this sense, flamenco music appears here not as a protagonist but as one more expressive ingredient and was represented by the singer Joaquín Gómez “Duende”. Its members come from World Music and in a way, their work is reminiscent of those Smash experiments in the late sixties and early seventies, with those elements between orientalists and psychedelics, where dense and sometimes even disturbing sound universes are created. . Tradition, avant-garde and orientality. Those three words could define the interesting work of this group that, of course, don't expect to hear it at the top 40, nor do they need to.

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