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Raul Costafreda began his musical studies in adolescence with classical guitar and solfege at the Conservatorio del Liceo, enrolling in 1992. In 1994 he learned flamenco from the hand of Chicuelo and Maite Martín at Taller de Músics, where he also studied modern harmony. He also is interested in rock, forming several bands in the 90s. In 2000 he researches in the world music and participates in musical productions for circus and cabaret, and begins to produce music at a professional level. He studies modern trumpet and Armenian duduk. In 2007 he opened the studio "La Fundición Sonora", in Cerdanyola del Vallès. In 2011, he completed the postgraduate degree in sonology at the Esmuc in Barcelona with Ferran Conangla and Enric Giné. Subsequently, he made music production courses in studio 44.1 of Toni Paris, in addition to the previous courses of mixing, mastering and modular synthesis carried out in the Sgae.



In 1998 he published his first album with the band Botánica Oculta of alternative rock. In 1998 he created the band of Mediterranean music and oriental dance WESAK, with which he played for Spain since he founded it until 2006, as well as recording two CDs, "Tierra" and "Griselda i el llop". In 2015 the band meets again to make a small tour with Naima Nez. In 2003 he created the garage rock band "Los Wandalos". In 2004 he was part of the cabaret-rock band Kalévala, performing at the Cabaret of the Fòrum de les Cultures de Barcelona. In 2008 he created and directed the collective of tradition and vanguard SUK, with whom he premiered "L'Orient Espès", produced by the Taller de Músics, and which shares the poster with Enrique Morente. In 2009, he joined Los Negativos and created the Neila Benbey band. In 2012 he formed the Guateques of Spanish revival of the 60s and the folk-pop-flamenco duo Charada with Daniel Cerdà. As a musician he has also worked with many artists such as Mª del Mar Bonet, Ernesto Collado, Esma Redzapova (Albania), Astrid Hadad (Mexico), Paulovski, Barcelona Ethnic Band, among others. He is a regular accompanist of the singer Mariona Sagarra since 2006 with whom he has toured Europe until today.

Currently he performs electronic music as Mr Loulabif, and produces the new glam rock band Lemozine.




Since 2000 he has started producing music for circus shows ("El cel és blau com una taronja" -2001), dance (Las Ninfas 2003), cabaret, documentaries, experimental music festivals and television, highlighting many of the successes of the children's TV series "Los Lunnis" (2003-2006) and "Los Algos" by Cuatro (2008). He has co-produced the albums of Los Negativos "Dandis entre basura" (2009) and "Duplexin" (2014) and directed the first production of the Algerian singer Neila Benbey "Algerian Soul" (2010). He has collaborated in electronic music productions with Professor Angen Dust and with Markus Dravs (producer of Bjork and Cold Play). He is creator of the sound research collective Cili 210 with whom he premiered the show "Urbanaris" (2012). In 2012 he founded, together with Frank Seguí, Animaproducemúsica, producing music for Torras Chocolates products. Produces "Lent, lent, corrent ..." which premiered at the Puntual de Barcelona with Eugenio Navarro in the shadow of Chinescas and Sol Picó in the stage direction (2009). At the moment they have jointly produced "Deixa'm tornar-te a dir", songs that play part of the poetic work of Montserrat Abelló (2016).   Currently he continues to produce music for broadcast, recording music for national and international artists and producing his own projects.

Last productions at La fundición Sonora: "Things We Should Say" 1st album of Lemozine band. "One Night Marriage"LP Erik Segel. "Expressions" Documentary about Josep Bofill. Kokovoko "Baptism"LP. Dohola Beat"moon" video. "Las Raras" single. Hävard Enstad"Symmetry"LP. Hohvannes Karakhanyan "Música sacra".


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